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Concept Development, Know-how Transfer, Technology Transfer, Manufacturing Capacities

Providing emerging markets with solutions to handle the increased interest in renewable energy sources and to export an industry for the production of wind turbines to places where electricity is in demand.

Corporate Energies with over 25 years industry experience of its employees, advises local and state governments in concept developing with local content strategies, in the choice of pilot projects, technology transfer solutions for the establishment of national manufacturing capacities and component production in emerging markets. This includes all related technical and financial services and the required training of human resources.

What we have done

  • Concept development for manufacturing capacities of wind turbines in Azerbaijan, Iran, Russia and Kazakhstan
  • Feasibility studies for RE-industry development  
  • Consulting for establishment of a feed-in tariff system in Azerbaijan
  • Staff training programmes in Azerbaijan & Romania 

What we can do

  • Concept & Project Development
  • Manufacturing Engineering and Procurement
  • Technology Transfer
  • Know-how Transfer and Staff Training
  • Factory Management
  • Full Range of Group Services from Development, Finance, Construction to Operation

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