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Providing service solutions that tackle the challenges of our industry

Worldwide the market for renewable energies is expanding. During the recent decades the renewable energy industry has developed rapidly and attained a very diversified and complex structure.

To keep pace with this progress has become one of the most important but also most difficult tasks. Understanding this fact lead us to set up an alliance of renewable energy companies, made up from highly specialised experts in their field, delivering service solutions that tackle the challenges of our industry.

Today Corporate Energies combines competitive excellence, a strategic understanding of business and technical know-how in to a single holding. A dense network of synergies within our company group enables our customers to receive all relevant services at any project phase, just as if they originated from a single source. All of this results in speed, superior cost-effectiveness and quality for our customers.

Let's invest in a future that works for all of us

We can create a healthy, sustainable, and prosperous future by making a planet-wide shift from fossil fuels to clean, reliable, and aff ordable renewable energy, taking action for climate and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Establishing renewable industries means also strong benefits for the domestic economy by generating local added value. The incubation of an high-value industry and establishment of an efficient R&D product, lead to an increase of the national human capital by job creations in the academic activities and in education on the job. Moreover there can be determined positive effects such as a permanent contribution to the gross domestic product, a positive trade balance and additional tax revenues for the region.

Therefore, for us at Corporate Energies company group, renewable power plants are not an alternative but a natural and sustainable way to generate electricity for our modern life. Working in the renewable energy sector means working on something that really matters and is something reasonable for our next generations.