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Corporate Energies companies continue positive trend in investment and financial activites in Germany in 2015

Berlin, 01 December 2015. Corporate Energies companies, CEPP Capital AG and CEPP Invest GmbH (CEPP), continued the positive trend in its operating business during the period of the financial year 2015. As in the recent years the companies have been supported by M&A and finance specialist Green Energy World GmbH.

With the full equity placement of the recent EUR 2.5 million wind energy emission in 2015, CEPP boosted up continuously the total investment in the asset class renewable energy to around EUR 21.5 million since 2013.

"The consequent realignment of our financial activities in Germany and our successful efforts to tap solid financing solutions for renewable energy projects have payed off", said Michael Klein, managing director of CEPP Invest GmbH.

Together with the preceding investments, the recent private placement CEPP WE05 - Beppener Bruch V added another 6,9 MW to the wind assets under management. With an annual electricity production of about 10.1 million kilowatt hours, the new wind farm supply more than 3,200 households with safe and climate-friendly energy.

About CEPP

Together with its sister company CEPP Invest, that controlls all sales and capital raising activities, CEPP Capital AG develops economical and sustainable investment products for private and institutional investors in the field of renewable energies.

CEPP Capital AG acquires renewable energy plants directly from established project developers and operators with focus on ready-to-build, turn-key and operational projects.

The CEPP Capital AG and CEPP Invest GmbH are 100 % subsidiaries of Corporate Energies company group.

About GreenEnergyWorld

Green Energy World GmbH is a German M&A advisory firm with strategic focus on transactions in the wind power industry and a 100 % subsidiary company of Corporate Energies company group.

The company is a professional partner for project developers, wind park operators and investors throughout Europe since 2008 and has supported various of domestic and cross-border wind energy transactions and consulting mandates in Europe. 

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