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Corporate Energies welcomes Pakistani delegation at WindEnergy Hamburg

Hamburg, 25 September 2014. Within the framework of the Renewable Energies Export Initiative, a Pakistani delegation was heading WindEnergy Hamburg on Wednesday aiming to bring together German and Pakistani representatives from politics, economy and science as well as associations in the field of wind and solar energy to inform the delegates from Pakistan about German technology and know-how with regards to solar and wind energy.

One item of the agenda was the visit of the company group stand of Corporate Energies. Stefan Simon, director industry development of Corporate Energies, informed the participants about various projects being carried out by Corporate Energies companies to establish local wind power industries in emerging energy markets.

With over 25 years industry experience of its employees, Corporate Energies advises local and state governments in concept developing with local content strategies, in the choice of pilot projects, technology transfer solutions for the establishment of national manufacturing capacities and component production in emerging markets. This includes all related technical and financial services and the required training of human resources.

Together with turbine manufacturers the Industry Development team of Corporate Energies has evolved licensee partnerships, that provide exclusivity rights to manufacture a full-fledged and sophisticated wind turbine in order to the specific demands of the home market. With the implementation of a four-year-strategy to develop applicable manufacturing capacities, there is a potential to produce up to 50 - 200 MW per year locally with a faster return on investment, compared to a full import of wind turbines, plus an export opportunity of wind turbines to nearby markets.

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Latest innovations, market trends, and experts: From 23 - 26 September 2014, Hamburg became the gateway to the world of wind energy.

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